What is Family Services and What Do They Do?

October 24th, 2022

Family Services of NWPA continues to do everything we can to support the families in our community. Our history is filled with growth and success in serving children and families so they can turn their lives around for the better.

Our organization and its impact began in 1882 as the Charity Organization Society. It was created to help the poor become self-sufficient and assist other applicants with their needs. The Charity Organization Society was established before most state-run welfare agencies and was turned into the Bureau of Charities Society of Erie.

In 1983, over 100 years of growth allowed for the ability to help larger groups of people. Family Services was created by merging three organizations: Family Service Association, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Erie County, and Family and Child Services of Erie County. This was the largest merger yet, opening multiple doors to different people in need.

Family Services made such a significant difference in the community that they produced satellite offices. The first one was established in Crawford County in 1987. The first services in this location included Consumer Credit Counseling and In-Home Family Therapy. With the creation of the satellite location came the need for a new name, Family Services of NWPA.

The Values of FSNWPA

Our mission is to Strengthen Families and Transform Lives. We provide high-quality care, innovative programs, and services to children and families across Northwestern PA to fulfill this mission. We are proud of our ability to grow in both our size and services so we can help more people in need.

With all of the people we have helped, a few were moved to share their stories with others. From journeys impacted by abuse and addiction, FSNWPA has been there for thousands of familiesin these trying situations. 

There is never any shame or judgment passed on to the individuals that come to us for help. We only hold compassion and understanding towards these problematic situations life throws at us. 

Services Offered by FSNWPA

We have locations in Erie, Crawford, and Mercer Counties. We also provide services to families and individuals in Venango and McKean Counties. At each location, we offer a variety of services to help strengthen families and transform lives. 

Permanency Services

As an affiliate of the Statewide Adoption Network (SWAN), the Permanency Department at FSNWPA helps families looking to adopt a child by providing orientation, family profiles, home studies, and post-permanency services.

Big Brothers Big Sisters

This evidence-based mentoring program helps children understand their potential and build their futures with the help of one-on-one mentoring relationships. They provide the best support to help the youth feel empowered to better their lives.

Functional Family Therapy 

This is an evidence-based program that helps families with at-risk youth who exhibit delinquent behavior. FFT is available to youth ages 10 to 18, and their families, who struggle with parent-child conflicts, truancy, substance use, and behavioral concerns.

These only encapsulate a few of the services we offer. There are many other programs in place to help strengthen families and transform lives.

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