project roar/soar

Project SOAR/ROAR helps children in the Penncrest School District who are experiencing emotional and/ or behavioral difficulties in the school setting. The Project ROAR/SOAR team works closely with school personnel and includes master-level mental health professionals, bachelor-level mental health workers, family school coordinators, and parent liaisons.

The Project SOAR/ROAR Program is available in Crawford County.

Project SOAR/ROAR Provides:

  • Ongoing assessment throughout the school day
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Classroom intervention
  • Family Night group to help transfer skills to caregivers

Does my child qualify for Project SOAR/ROAR?

Project SOAR/ROAR is available to youth in grades K-12 at Cambridge Springs Elementary School, Cambridge Springs Junior High School, or Maplewood Elementary School. Youth must have a mental health diagnosis and be unable to remain in the school setting without onsite support. Youth must also be MA eligible. Referrals must be made by the Penncrest School District.

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