family team meetings

Family Team Meetings is a strength-based service that helps engage families and find solutions for both immediate and long-term needs related to safety, well-being, and permanency.

Family Team Meetings aim to strengthen family engagement, improve Family Service Place development, increase communication between the family, the office of children and youth, and other service providers working with the family, reduce re-entry of families, and identify informal supports to help sustain change over time.

Family Team Meetings is available in Erie and Mercer Counties.

What happens at a Family Team Meeting?

Family Team Meetings use traditional family problem-solving techniques to increase family communication, reduce re-entry, increase the use of kinship care, and improve the quality of Family Services Plans.

A typical Family Meeting lasts 90 minutes. If the defined tasks of the meeting cannot be completed during that time, an additional meeting will be scheduled.

Does my family qualify for Family Team Meetings?

Family Team Meetings is available to families transitioning from intake to ongoing services and those who are under court order. Referrals must be made by:

  • Erie County Office of Children and Youth (OCY)
  • Mercer County Children and Youth Services (CYS)
To learn more or to make a referral to Family Team Meetings, please complete the form below.


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