family reunification

Family Reunification is a community-based program that helps families that have had children removed from the home achieve safe reunification. Family Reunification aims to help parents identify and remove barriers to reunification and strengthen parenting skills. Service is coordinated with caseworkers and case aides from the Erie County Office of Children and Youth (OCY).

Family Reunification is available in Erie County.

Family Reunification Offers:

  • Assistance in locating adequate housing or improving home conditions necessary for child safety
  • Help connecting with mental health and/or drug and alcohol treatment
  • Facilitation of parent-child visitations

Does my family qualify for Family Reunification?

Family Reunification is available to families whose children have been placed in foster care. Services typically begin within ten days of placement. Referrals must be made by the Erie County Office of Children and Youth.

To learn more or to make a referral to Family Reunification Services, please complete the form below.

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