September is Big Brothers Big Sisters Month!

September 1st, 2022

September is Big Brothers Big Sisters Month! This annual month-long celebration focuses on the history, impact, and future of Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Simple moments between a Big and Little are not surface-level experiences – they're much more:

  • It's more than a trip to the park – it's quality time.
  • It's more than a cup of coffee – it's a moment to be heard.
  • It's more than a high-five – it's a moment of acceptance.
  • It's more than playing sports – it's building confidence.

Why It Matters

One in three kids in America are growing up without a positive role model and a growing number have one or more family members in jail, prison, on parole or on probation. Because not all of Erie's youth start off with the same resource, networks and opportunities, the equity gap in the United States continues to widen. At Big Brothers Big Sisters of Family Services of NW PA, we know firsthand that mentorship helps serve as a conduit between people and possibilities.

Become a Volunteer

Right now in Erie and Western Crawford County, there are nearly 40 youth waiting to be matched with a big brother or big sister. So much good can come from a mentorship. And those moments aren't just nice – they are necessary.

To learn more and sign up to volunteer, visit today!

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