2020 Outstanding Employee of the Year

January 13th, 2021

Congratulations to Doug Golembiewski, the Family Services of NW PA 2020 Employee of the Year. Doug was awarded at the 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting.

Doug is a member of the MIS Department at Family Services of NW PA and received multiple nominations for this award.

According to one nomination, 'Doug has been a wonderful help and is always kind and patient with staff. He has assisted me for hours during the pandemic to get connected, stay connected, and more.'

Another nomination noted, 'Doug has been nothing but short of amazing with how responsive he has been and continues to be with the agency's technological issues. Prior to COVID-19, Doug was always willing to immediately help us in the conference room with our technology issues. During COVID-19, Doug and the MIS team continued to go above and beyond to immediately respond to any ongoing issues.'

One nominee said, 'Doug even made himself available during the weekend to help a clinician with computer issues for her to deliver the much-needed telehealth session to her clients. Every single issue I have had during the past year has been acknowledged immediately and is usually fixed on the spot.'

The following employees at Family Services of NW PA received nominations this year:

  • Martine Barclay
  • Barb Benedict
  • Erin Blashock
  • Grace Brace
  • Thelma Brown
  • Cecelia Bugler
  • Daniel Carr
  • Cindy Crispin
  • Kelly Dahlkemper
  • Amanda DiCola
  • Denise DiGiacomo
  • Kathryn Duberg
  • Meghan Easter
  • Danielle Fahey
  • Hilary Fritts
  • Doug Golembiewski
  • Alison Greishaw
  • Mindy Gresh
  • Joshua Guthrie
  • Anna Haller
  • Leslie Hanaway
  • Leah Hardner
  • Breanne Hillen
  • Leanne Keibler
  • Stephanie Keller
  • Brigid Kennedy
  • Amanda Kessner
  • Deanna Laser
  • Tyler Lassman
  • Lorene McGuire
  • Louise McLaughlin
  • Tammy Mook
  • Rebecca Morrison
  • Tammy Mott
  • BillieAnn Pamula
  • Kayla Parker
  • Erin Phelps
  • Ruth Rawlins
  • Jenna Reynolds
  • Yari Santiago
  • Heather Sayers
  • Melissa Scobey
  • Stacey Sprong
  • Julie Thorpe
  • Heather Williams
Congratulations to all 2020 nominees!

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