Multisystemic Therapy (MST)

474790895Multisystemic Therapy (MST) is an evidence-based treatment model developed by the Medical University of South Carolina’s Family Services Research Center to provide mental health services to adolescents with delinquent behaviors and their families. The goal of MST is to decrease and prevent anti-social and delinquent behaviors while improving the family’s overall functioning. MST provides intensive in-home therapy, and involves contact with the multiple systems involved with the family including the home, school, community, and peers.

Service Available in:

Erie, Crawford, and Mercer Counties

Who Should be Referred?

  • Youth is 12-17 years old (if not justification is needed)
  • Youth resides in a family setting with a caregiver
  • Youth’s caregiver is willing to participate
  • Youth has active Medical Assistance or a county referral source.
  • Youth is exhibiting antisocial/delinquent/externalizing behaviors (truancy, physical aggression, drug or alcohol use, curfew violations, etc.)
  • Outpatient services are not sufficient to meet the family’s need

Who Can Make The Referral?

  • Family or community members
  •  County Office of Children and Youth Services- Erie, Crawford, Mercer
  • County Juvenile Probation Office- Erie, Crawford, Mercer
  • Managed Care Organizations

Contact Information:

Erie County
5100 Peach Street
Erie, PA 16509
Phone: 814.866.4500

Crawford County
18360 Technology Drive
Meadville, PA 16335
Phone: 814.724.4800

Mercer County
Mercer Office
7 West State Street
Sharon, PA 16146
Phone: 724.704.7227

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