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459435935Family Services is proud to offer Big Brothers Big Sisters, the nation’s number 1 mentoring program.

“Who is the person who brought a little magic into your life, growing up?”

By thinking back to those who, in each of our lives, made the mundane special, who brought excitement to everyday, who transformed us with little moments of “magic,” we found the ideal description for, the role of the Big Brothers Big Sisters volunteer in a child’s life.

Any child can benefit from more magic in his life. And benefit greatly, in ways that are truly transforming. It’s an honor to be there when magic happens. Do you know how a kid’s eyes light up the first time she walks into a baseball stadium, goes to New York, sees the beach, catches a fish, lays in the grass and looks at the stars? If you volunteer you can create all sorts of magic – not only will you be there when it happens but you can be the reason that it happens.

Big Brothers Big Sisters

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