Adelle and Dave were matched more than 12 years ago through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program at Family Services of NW PA. "As soon as I met Dave, we had an instant connection right off the bat," said little brother Adelle. "I immediately warmed up to him the first day."

Dave got involved shortly after his father passed away. "I was looking for something positive to do," said Dave. "Since he was such a good role model in my life, I decided to reach out to Big Brothers Big Sisters and see if I could do the same for someone else."

Right away, both Dave and Adelle realized they had a lot in common. "We both like sports, we both like video games, and I knew right off the bat that we were going to get along really well," said Dave.

Adelle credits Dave with teaching him many valuable life lessons during their time together. "There have been a lot of times when I was younger where I was eager to do things," said Adelle. "Dave taught me to be patient, be humble, that if it's meant for you it will come to you and, if not, then that's ok too."

Dave praises Adelle for his ability to look for the good in people and be the best person he can. "Adelle is a very humble kid," said Dave. "He never has anything bad to say about anybody or any situation."

Both Dave and Adelle are grateful to Big Brothers Big Sisters. "Without the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, I don't know what type of path I would be on," said Adelle. "I might have been astray and with the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, I was kept in line. I'm blessed."

"I would absolutely recommend people becoming mentors," said Dave. "It's been such a positive experience for me and it's a great way to give back to the community."